Tam O’Shanter Bay

Apart from the wonderful views from your windows looking out over Bass Strait to Ninth Island, the closest beach is on Tam O’Shanter Bay, just a few minutes walk along the coastal track.

It has a lovely stretch of sand, perfect for a stroll on a winters day or a warm summer afternoon. One of life’s pleasures is to walk along gathering shells and polished stones from the beach. Sunsets can be enjoyed and seats have been provided to sit and watch the waves roll past on their endless journey.


Weymouth is just a short drive and is an ideal spot for boating, sailing and enjoying the water and lovely sandy banks. As Pipers River meets the ocean, it provides a popular spot for families to enjoy.


Bridport is a beautiful seaside village, with sandy secluded beaches on Andersons Bay. Granite rocks and clean clear turquoise water make fishing, boating and walks along the foreshore a must on your list of things to do.